A divorce can at times be the only solution to a marriage that is not working anymore. Depending on the duration of the marriage and the extent of involvement of the spouses, the process of divorce might be either complicated or easy. For instance, if you had a prenuptial agreement, the divorce process might be easier than if you didn't. Likewise, a divorce for a childless marriage is likely to be easier than one with children. The latter scenario will need a divorce attorney more. Thus, you will first make a decision as to whether you need to hire a lawyer or not.


Not every attorney will be able to handle your divorce appropriately and therefore, you need to carefully select one. To choose the best, you should make a list of divorce attorneys available within your locality. For instance, if you are in Florida, it makes sense to list family and divorce lawyers within Florida. Search them on the websites and directories and list their addresses and phone numbers.


In your next step, shortlist a few family lawyer orlando form your list. You can do this by reviewing the reputation of the attorneys by browsing through their websites and asking for referrals from family and friends. Look out for any disciplinary records and complaints against at the association bar of your state.  Gather as much information about the lawyers as possible including their experience in family and divorce law and rule out those that you think will not best serve you.


After you come up with a shorter list, call each and make an appointment to meet them for consultation. Note that some divorce attorney deland fl will require that you pay a consultation fee while others will not. If you are not willing to spend on the initial consultation, you can skip the ones that charge for this. Before meeting with the attorneys, write down all the questions you require answers to. You will interview them to find out how long they have practiced family law and how many divorce cases they handle in a year. Be sure to hire an attorney who knows the judges around your area and one who may not be a friend to your spouse as they may be biased in their case. Understand their approaches to cases similar to yours as well as their availability to work on your case. You do not want to hire someone who is too busy or cannot be reached easily. 


Another comparison you will make regarding which attorney you will hire is about the cost. Ask the attorneys all the charges that you will incur. This will help you choose an attorney that you can comfortably afford. Learn how to file a divorce with these steps in


While consulting with the attorneys, be keen on how they respond to your questions. Some attorneys will promise you heavens whereas all they care for is their business.



After meeting all the shortlisted divorce lawyers on your list, make an informed decision based on your findings from the interviews. Select an attorney you think you can best work with, does not seem dismissive of your case, is pocket friendly and seems to be respective and confidential. If a lawyer talks ill of other attorneys, then he might not be good.